Tourism: sex on vacation

Tourism: sex on vacation

Many fresh loving couples dreaming of a romantic city break. But what sounds sexy, often turns out to be true love slayer. Therefore, our columnist advises: Pick sleepy nests - because there is best fuck.
Sophie Andresky



Sweet, I will go with you on vacation, let us first thing tomorrow morning out of here, "huffed me one of my first real lover's ear, after we finally pushed together.He seemed to know exactly where to go, not only in bed. But he was also at least as early as mid 20. I, even 18 and at least grow on paper, secretly wished me immediately: Oohhh, my lord, please, please, please hijacked me to Paris! At first you have no idea.
Many destinations that sound incredibly romantic at first,the desire and the passion slain literally. my tip is why: First, take not common to where things hot around you - but choose in doubt the quieter version. In my experience you can never go wrong with an island. At least, as long as you do not reside at the Ballermann.Eyes and ears must in the first phase of infatuation fully belong to the other.
In the second step, for example, offers to Amsterdam: unbelievably beautiful, but also completely unobtrusive.Only then also Paris, London or Barcelona are okay. For everything screams, you should already know a little bit better. And my favorite city New York is wholly inappropriate for the entire first year. Sorry, that of all I have to say this, but this city is really far too fascinating to them simply to verv√∂geln. Oh, my prince 18: He hit a sleepy old seaside resort on the Baltic Sea - the right place! Because we were almost in bed and heard in the coital breaks to the gentle ocean waves. Nevertheless, I was still disappointed maulig up to our arrival, I stupid chicken. But travel is yes.

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