Sarah Shephard (ex-wife)

Relationship: Sarah Shephard (ex-wife)
Processed in: Hidden Hills, The Descent, The Hunting Party, the other side
Details: Jack married Sarah, a woman he miraculously "repaired". Sarah had been involved in an accident with a 4x4 (driven by Adam Rutherford, Shannon's father) and had a broken back.

     They then married on the beach, but on the eve of the big day, Jack had got scared and could not write his vows. Finally, it was his father who reassured him. However, with time, his relationship with Sarah deteriorated, even to embrace the daughter of one of his patients. But that does not count much for Sarah who had any way intended to leave him for another man. Both divorced. Jack was obsessed with the identity of Sarah's lover, even at a time believing that it was his father.

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