This part of the page Bedri born as a result of requests from friends and visitors to create a section on this subject.

I chose this name because it seemed appropriate, not because these writings should be banned but because it seemed a way to indicate that they are "different" from the others listed on this page.

Currently there are few stories. One of them has already written time, among which was filed but never bring myself to publish. Already chance to do it and stop passing also ask for your cooperation. Maybe you have things to say, that I had coveted lead but that would not fit too well in the stories too but have no place here.
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WARNING: This site contains text and images that might be considered inappropriate for persons under the legal age. So this warning is made. The content thereof is clearly "adult" and sexually explicit content so made this warning, if you finally decide to continue, you do so at your sole responsibility. It is not obliged to enter, it's recommended that those who may feel uncomfortable or even offended with the contents of what appears here, to refrain from doing so.

DRANK MY FRIEND FOR THE FIRST TIME: This time it's a friend of leader who tells his first oral sex. Straight, Stories prohibited.
THE FIRST TIME IN MY FRIEND ass: Leader tells how was the first time I enjoyed the ass of her friend right. Straight, Stories prohibited.
MY FRIEND WITH LAW: I have a very special friend for months remain unforgettable sexual encounters. Straight, Stories prohibited.
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MY FRIEND ELVIRA: I have a friend, my friend Elvira with that fucked once and this is the story. heterosexual
INITIATION: This is a story that incites Fernandito not know how was your introduction to sex. heterosexual
MY LOVER: She's no girl that age and that you have is what makes it an exceptional lover. heterosexual
HE FUCKED ME MY AUNT: A young friend, tells us in detail the affair he had with his aunt and Kookie they cast dust. heterosexual
WEEKEND account of it: overwhelmed by her present, a woman enjoys a weekend in the village where he spent his childhood holidays. Forbidden stories, Straight
WEEKEND story on: male version of what happened that weekend in August in that town. Forbidden stories, Straight
MY NEIGHBOUR: Not everyone is lucky enough to have the neighbor who has, or has had our friend the traveler. heterosexual
MY SLAVE: Viky is offered as a slave to her husband, sexually available to her as needed. Forbidden stories, Straight
REUNION WITH SARITA: John and Kelly have a new meeting and what might happen Viky wait while waiting at home. Forbidden stories, Straight
MY WIFE AND MY FRIEND ANTONIO: After his encounter with Sarita, John comes home where he finds his wife with his best friend. Forbidden stories, Straight
HONEYMOON: Something happens during the honeymoon of John and Viky. Forbidden stories, Straight
VIKY AND SEX: Viky Juan tells her intimate sex secrets. Forbidden stories, Straight
MY FRIEND'S MOTHER: Our friend John discover the sex of the hand or body better Sarita, the mother of his friend. Forbidden stories, Straight.
VIKY MY WIFE: Telling the wedding night John and Viky, all a steamy honeymoon. Forbidden stories, Straight
THE MOTHER OF MY NIECE (Uncle Charles): Uncle Charles meets the mother of her niece ardent living while sharing experiences sister and niece or whatever it is, mother and daughter. Forbidden stories, Straight
MY ENCOUNTERS WITH ALEJANDRO (Daniel): This relationship began more than 5 years now and I can swear that, plus my tasty encounters with my brother, were the most wonderful sexual encounters happens to a man. Gay
LUCIA AND THE TRAINER: (Lucia SB) Hi, I'm Lucy, some of you know me, I decided to write another story I hope you like it. I do it because you were quite a few who have asked me, others, however, have been limited to asking me those photos. I had mentioned that I have some friends that it somehow have the right to touch. They are people who enjoy not only my confidence but also my privacy. One of them is the one who makes my trainer at the gym that I go almost daily. Forbidden stories, Straight
THE FRIEND OF MY NIECE (Uncle Charles): Here is the third part of the saga of My Niece, where Uncle Carlos Vicky has her friend Lorraine. Forbidden stories, Straight
MI-LAW: (Fernando): This story happened over a year ago, to be exact in May 2008, when the heats are stronger around here. I'm from Mexico, Hidalgo state, I have been married 26 years and have been an active and enjoyable sex life with my wife, but I feel that in this life, one is exposed to any temptation to resist one more. I have had several adventures in marriage my wife obviously does not know. With colleagues from work or women I have ever met. This time it was with one of my sisters both being the same age. heterosexual
Marta (Marta): take the opportunity afforded me to tell me something that has been happening for some time, since I started to be aware of my own sexuality. My first sex was with my cousin. bisexual
STORY OF A WOMAN (Caribbean Princess): Greetings, first of all, I'll tell you a short story that has just begun. I have a husband and three years ago we've been together but a boy nine years younger than me. heterosexual
REPEAT (ED): The transmit my previous experience, the truth is that I heated a lot and was willing to re-edit. I headed to a local who is known for welcoming all gay city of La Paz and which had received many referrals but had never encouraged me to go. This is a very discreet and friendly club where I saw that all act uninhibited. Gay
LUCIA, A LADY OF GOOD VIEW (Lucia SB): Hi, I could not introduce myself as well that I decided to do it the easiest way. I am a follower and collaborator veteran of the page Bedri. I discovered years ago and I have collaborated sending recipes, pictures and Bedri own suggestion I have decided to write a story that can be published among the "forbidden". I really do not know if you can get both because they have neither. Bedri said I could say as I am or as I like to be. He also told me I could tell something had happened and I'd like to pass. The truth is not quite sure how I began to write, and I chose to do a little waiting around all you like. Forbidden stories, Straight
TRUE LOVE (Melvin Ud): Melvin tells a powerful story of love born on the Internet. at first it was a simple ratio of email exchanges but gradually that relationship was consolidated to arise between complicity and collusion that led to that at a given moment emerge feelings and the possibility of an encounter. This story narrates the meeting between Melvin precisely and that woman. heterosexual
DILEMMA (Zaira M.): I want to tell you something that happened to me two weeks ago. I was with my boyfriend at the birthday party of a friend of his and that night I met that friend's girlfriend of my boyfriend. bisexual
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ON THE BEACH (E. Smith): E. Martinez escapes to a beach and there is someone you know who. Straight prohibited Stories
A LONG HISTORY - PART FIVE (David and others): Continuing the story of the intense encounter between Merchitas and her lover which tells how that day ended and as our friend lived a hitherto unpublished new experience for her. Forbidden stories, Straight
Sodomizing MY NIECE (Uncle Charles): Vicky learned to be alone, either in my office, in the car or at the motel, the first thing to do is stroke my cock, kneeling, remove and mamármela unless I ordered something else. Everything complies perfectly with tremendous warmth, in fact I think it is always hot and ready for sex. But I had an obsession: YOUR ASS. Forbidden stories, Straight
MY ADVENTURES WITH GUILLE: (Daniel) Daniel tell us their sexual adventures with a stranger named Guille to contacting a market. Gay
REPORT OF SOFIA (Sofia) Hi, my name is Sofia, I'm Argentina, it is the first time I write one of my experiences. I started reading these stories, animated by that time it was a sort of companion, others might say that I was your lover ... but whatever. Over time we were performing many fantasies, especially those that gave us more morbid. heterosexual
A LONG HISTORY - PART FOUR (David and others): Continuation of the previous chapter continues the story of an encounter that made sparks. Merchitas, champagne and cream are explosive when mixed ingredients. Forbidden stories, Straight
MY NIECE MARY VICTORIA (Uncle Charles) My name is Carlos, I have between 53 and several nieces and nephews, I have a niece of 18 almost 19 years called Maria Victoria, but we all know as Vicky.- Vicky has measure 1 65 meters, dark complexion, brown hair, beautiful smile, good neck, generous and erect tits, nice ass, nice legs in a context of a girl who plays sports for years. Forbidden stories, Straight
SHE (E. Smith): The description of a woman who seems to be made by her lover. Forbidden stories, Straight
A LONG HISTORY - PART THREE (David and others): In this part we know some of the things that happened to Merchitas in a torrid encounter. Forbidden stories, Straight
MY ENCOUNTER WITH THE DOCTOR: (Daniel) I tell my meeting with the doctor 60 years. Gay
MY NIECE MARY VICTORIA (Uncle Charles) My name is Carlos, I have between 53 and several nieces and nephews, I have a niece of 18 almost 19 years called Maria Victoria, but we all know as Vicky.- Vicky has measure 1 65 meters, dark complexion, brown hair, beautiful smile, good neck, generous and erect tits, nice ass, nice legs in a context of a girl who plays sports for years. Forbidden stories, Straight
AGAIN I WANT (ED): I want to tell my story until now was known only to me, sailing in the depths of my being. The truth is I was very afraid to make it known, but I decided to take that big step out of the closet or the closet as they say. Gay
A LONG HISTORY - TWO (David and others): In this second part David begins to engage in a long story. Forbidden stories, Straight.
MY IDEAL MAN: (ED) I tell you after much searching I managed to find the right man. It is a tender and ardent lover man who treats me like a sweet kitty and I try to reciprocate in the best way, giving you all my love and of course, my whole body for your enjoyment. Gay
THE STORY OF ANUS. (Anus) A friend from here sent us a story about his sex life. Straight>
A LONG HISTORY (David and others): This comes next is a long story that emerged from the collaboration of several people who told David what they believe happened. Some of the events described did not happen as they are counted in the same way the characters have been distorted to prevent it can recognize any of the protagonists. It is true that certain liberties have taken but did not invalidate the conviction on the merits and not to reveal the identities of the narrators. The veracity of most of the events we can attest reliably available since David have put both photos and videos and testimonials from different people, some of which are reflected in this narrative. In this first part we have the facts giving rise to the knowledge of history and its subsequent development. Forbidden stories, Straight.
WORKING PARTNER (E. Smith): Our friend E. Martinez tells what happened one night, after a dinner with a colleague in which he had never noticed. Heterosexual.
HISTORY OF A WAITRESS (Tina): A steamy story developed on campus .. can you recognize someone ?. Heterosexual.
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A DAY OF JULY (Anonymous): An unknown recounts an encounter with a woman he met on the Internet. It is a fact whose narrative has made some changes to ensure that they can identify the players or recognized some sites. Heterosexual.

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