My sexy secret

I was just 18 years old and had a high school for only a
 few weeks in the pocket. It was a beautiful hot summer and
 I first had sex with a woman, with the mother
 my best friend.

 Actually wanted my friend Martin and I right after our
 Abiturfestlichkeiten a walking tour from hut to hut in the Alps
 make. Sorry, but Martin was suddenly sick, so we
 ado had to cancel. After a few weeks he called me if
 I had to go with him and his parents in holiday pleasure. this
 Vacation they had planned for some time. Therefore, we increased our
 Not easy to lay Hüttentour. Maybe it was for longer
 Time the last chance to get away sometimes, as in the autumn
 Military service was at the door. So I said to quickly resolved.

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 The best part of the trip was that it was also in the Alps, namely
 to the Stubai Valley. However, we stayed in a guesthouse. to
 cozy hut evenings we had to do without reason. a few
 However hikes were also on the agenda.

 The first week went very unspectacular. In very warm weather
 we visited Innsbruck, once drove to South Tyrol and even three
 easy hiking we did. After these three walks,
 rather resembled walks, Martin and his father came up with the idea
 to take a slightly heavier tour. I was on my person
 not enthusiastic about this idea since I have both my ferrata
 and my helmet had left at home because I got from a
 Retirement leave without difficult tours went out. Martin and his father
 but were willing to lend you expensive equipment. so
 we decided that Martin and his father Klaus tomorrow about this tour
 wanted to leave. Two days they should take. Renate Martin's mother,
 who had no desire, and I had the other hand, lighter front of two
 To take day trips.

 Early in the morning departed father and son. It was great weather,
 No cloud was in the sky. Renate and I had breakfast but
 until later, so we could sleep a little longer. At eight clock
 then it all kicked off with us.

 I was two days to be happy with Renate alone. Martin's mother was
 since the time in which boys for the first time for the other
 Gender interested, my secret crush. Exactly, I can
 remember how Martin and me in with her small forest pool
 were. I need time probably just twelve or thirteen years old
 have been. Renate, then I called them nor female Berwanger, pulled
 from after swimming her bikini top to her then rapidly
 T-Shirt überzustreifen. In this moment I could their
 see beautiful breasts closely. They were pear-shaped, not
 powerful, rather small. Her brown atria covered the whole
 Top and worked really intoxicating to me. she noticed
 then my awkward look. A friendly smile
 However signaled me understanding, and no anger. How often had I
 this vision in my mind while I myself
 satisfied. And then came quite often. Although I am now 18
 Was years old, I could no experience with girls
 show. Maybe it was my shyness, or I dreamed about
 much of Renate, who was probably an unattainable dream.

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 Renate went ahead, I followed close behind. In the mountains it is
 so that the slower walking speed indicates. Since the way pronounced
 was easy, I had the opportunity to consider them from behind.
 I could devote all my attention Renate womanly curves.
 The way you could handle in their sleep. Martin's mother had really
 a great figure. This was probably because of the many sports they drove. your
 Body was slim, but they had a nice round, plump
 Ass, the better came to bear in her tight hiking pants. they
 was quite large for a woman. I estimated about 1.80 meters.
 As a result, her legs seemed no longer to end.

 Constantly I had to once again think of my childhood memory, to
 their delicate pears breasts. I imagined how I breast
 take all into my mouth to suck on it like a little child.

 Also, I pictured to myself as Renate probably would look around the bottom. which
 Color is probably her bush might blond like the hair of the head or
 perhaps brunette. I dont know. Today, I would have
 probably a shaved cunt presented, but in 1989
 this beautiful fashion not yet known.

 So deep in thought, time passed, and we reached without much
 talked to our goal of a small peak, a good
 Vantage point to the big three peaks of the Stubai Alps. witty
 was that we were at 11 clock the Elferspitze, so was just the mountain,

 We sat down to the summit cross and enjoyed the view. after a
 While Renate said that the wind was very cold, and that their
 Wet T-shirt would change. No sooner said than done-quickly she had
 of their bonded shirt and was disposed of with a quick grip
 also the bra disappeared. With bare breasts she sat next to me and
 rummaged in my backpack after the exchange shirt.

 Actually, I should look away now, but I was able to
 View just do not turn away from this natural wonder. my
 Childhood memory was reality again. Only now did still added
 that her nipples were erect from the cold wind. Since they indeed the
 whole brisket filled out, it looked as if two golf balls on the
 Breasts were sitting. This sight excited me very much. instantly shrugged
 it Harten not revealed in my pants that my happiness. I
 was so fascinated that I did not even notice that I was still on
 Renate's chest stared, although they have been wearing a new shirt.

 "My breasts've always moves you! I can still accurately
 remember how you give me as a boy in the swimming pool before so on
 my things've seen! "

 More than one "Excuse me," I did not bring out. but Renate
 said tersely, that there is nothing better for a woman than
 if it were admired by a man because of her beauty. yet
 I should make clear to me that she was 42 years old and still
 the mother of my best friend. They had long been my
 Longing felt in looks, but I should me rather a
 Search for peers.

 I made then probably a pretty contrite face. Renate but gave
 I just having a laugh a nudge in the side and said that we
 but we could still continue to look into the eyes as before. then
 preceded it, and we made the descent.

 This woman simply could not be angry. Well, I had just
 a rebuff, although I actually her no attempt
 had undertaken. Renate was just so sensitive that they mean
 Emotional state recognized. However, it has not humiliated me, but
 rather yet established. No, it has not reached that I made of me
 would hit her head, she has achieved rather that I now
 knew there was no enthusiasm, but love. We were just
 20 minutes on the road as it went go of a sudden fall in temperature, which is in itself
 had. It was raining cats and dogs, the wind was too strong and it was
 much cooler. Thus, a sudden fall in temperature is not only uncomfortable, no, he
 can also be extremely dangerous for climbers. within
 Minutes we were both so wet that it and also because of the wind
 The temperature was falling right uncomfortable. We trembled at
 whole body. It was clear that spending 3 hours descent no longer
 would create. We hurried as fast as possible close to the
 to come situated Elferhütte, a small private cabin below the
 Summit degree.

 Dripping we were at the small reception of the hut a little later
 only to find that more hikers hut to protect
 had driven. The weather, we were told, was to the
 Night in this horrible weather forecast. Of course, now wanted
 any stay here. The large dormitories have all been
 occupied. However, they had availed nothing to us, since we do not
 Cottage sleeping bags were there. So Renate demanded two single rooms
 for us. The three single rooms, however, were already taken. the
 However innkeeper offered us a double room. He said even that it
 but probably would not be a problem if the mother and son a room
 share. We both had to smile at us, clarified the misunderstanding
 but not on.

 We went upstairs into the room and stood in the middle of the room
 did not really know what we should do. Unfortunately, we did
 nothing Dabei no change of clothes, no towels, even
 nothing. One thing was clear we had to get out of the wet
 Clothes, otherwise the pneumonia appeared to be inevitable.

 Here I saw the problem. On one hand I was curious to see how Renate
 would look naked, hoping for an unobstructed view, not
 only on her breasts. On the other hand, I now knew Renate's position,
 and ashamed when they may feel state of arousal
 should be noticed. I did not know what I do now, or make

 Again, it was Renate, who organized the way forward, and me
 promptly ran out of my mind.

 "So, I'm now we even two shower tokens get down. Here
 the two blankets we can use as a towel. Our wet
 Things we can then dry on the chairs. Maybe it's to
 dry for dinner. We are freezing, do not, we still have
 the feather pillows from the bed. ! "

 No sooner said than done-Renate left the room and went downstairs to
 Reception. Again I stood there alone with my thoughts. I would have
 Fear of scantily clad with Renate, perhaps even naked in
 a bed to lie. How should I hide liked this
 Situation totally excited? How would she react? And made me hot
 this situation. Since I thought about the coming hours, had
 I once again a stand in the pants. Maybe I could him
 yes hide. However, there was worse to come, as by me

 The door opened and Renate came back. "There have me only a
 Shower brand for hot water sold because too much was operating.
 Family members should pairwise shower together, otherwise there would
 Jam the shower room. Perhaps we should have the mother son
 To clarify misunderstanding. "

 But it did not matter. I stood in the hallway and waited until
 the shower was free, which was just opposite our room. At Last
 free I said Renate modest, then the two blankets to dry
 brought back.

 In the shower, it was pretty tight. A smaller too small
 Duschkabine- and a small anteroom of perhaps two square meters.
 And it had to happen quickly. If one brand in the wall
 hanging apparatus had dropped, ran out of time, three minutes. we
 were almost forced to shower together. Of course, I had
 keep in mind that I did not say openly, because my cock was already
 again or still-yet I just do not remember exactly. Renate expressed
 However, a gear, perhaps to relax the situation.

 "Come on, get ready fast. I'm cold!" And she began
 so quickly strip off their wet clothes. Stark naked, she was
 the coin and disappeared behind the curtain. Now it was clear to me
 outside I could not permanent. I had to quickly afterwards, when
 I did not want to miss the warm shower. Quick I also had
 rid me of my dripping clothes and walked with steep
 erect penis, and bobbing the shower. Let her my
 See state. Perhaps she had also expected. I would have
 suddenly no longer afraid of the reaction. What should the large

 I was once lucky. She turned her back to me. There was a
 beautiful, tanned back. Only now I had
 Opportunity to admire her body, because she just too fast
 had disappeared behind the curtain. She was seamless brown.
 Probably she was getting naked on her balcony. her buttocks
 were perfectly round and very firm and toned. As two peaches were
 these hemispheres in front of me. My capped rod could each
 Moment during a movement in turn unintentionally into contact with
 these heavenly fruits come. I had very nice on the
 His hat.

 Suddenly she bent forward to his feet with shower gel
 rub that was present in a dispenser in the cabin. there
 offered me a sight that almost led to my
 Cum without manual stimulation just like my inexperienced cock
 would be spouted. A little opened its lower Porand and
 her legs, and I could just her pussy lips and fleshy
 Discover the clitoris. A wet layer of brown pubic hair covered the
 whole inadequate, so that you can clearly her pink translucent
 Could see the vaginal mucosa. This view only offered to me
 Seconds, but he froze me. My testicles clenched,
 and only with the greatest effort did not succeed on the spot

 Now she bent upward, still unaware that I was using
 a tube behind her. It so happened that they a small
 Did step back, and my love rod drilled on their
 right buttock. Abruptly she turned and looked at my
 Stand. Now she was the one who froze. You did not scold, they
 did not laugh. No, she looked very sad, it's me in the
 Chest hurt. Had I so disappointed?

 After a few seconds she started up again and slipped past me in
 the anteroom. In passing scurrying she said softly to me. "Andrew,
 what shall I do with you? "

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 Today I know that she was not disappointed in me. she looked
 sad because she was torn whether they also her lust
 should give up, or should they keep the reason, as the
 Society, her husband and her son would expect from her.

 But not yet I knew women and was shocked while
 terribly excited. I was ashamed and had me anyway with a,
 even bring relief two hand movements. Then I washed
 in the remaining time that still remained, and then dried off.
 Renate had long since disappeared. I asked for a very long time, because
 I wanted the unpleasant meeting rooms as long as possible
 out hesitation. But it did not, at some point I had to go to the cave
 It lions.

 Wrapped in wet blanket I walked the few steps across the
 Hallway and timidly opened the door. I walked into the room and expected
 probably the devil himself. But the situation was calm. Renate was to
 Neck with feather pillows covered in bed. She had to be naked. I
 knew because I absuchte with a quick glance the room and
 her bra, panties and wet stuff on top of the chair back

 What should I do? I did not dare to her bed. Although it was
 it wide enough to go at a distance. But it was embarrassing me already
 after the episode in the shower.

 Again, I helped Renate in my decision. "You Will not you
 go to bed and warm you up. Come on, hang your clothes out to dry
 up and come. I'm not angry. "

 I put my stuff on the other free chair and lay down
 then to bed. From the ceiling I got rid of but only under
 the feather bed. Now we lay in silence. Shouted
 the rain pattered against the windows, and every now and then
 a more distant thunder. It could have been quite comfortable,
 if there had not been this shame.

 "I'm not mad at you!" Again it was the turn of events,
 drove forward. "Even in the shower I was just so sad because I
 thought that it would be impossible just between us. You are about
 twenty years younger than me, you're my son's best friend,
 i am married. Since there are hundreds of reasons. But I have
 thought! "

 "Yes, thinking about?" That's all I got out so dry was my

 "I want it too. For a long time. So how did you in your glory in front of me
 have confessed, I am become quite different. What today
 will happen, but must always be our secret. I
 do not think it would understand anybody! Yes? - Want You
 Do not cuddle me, I do not quite cold! "

 She rolled onto her side, and I snuggled shy at her.
 I could not always believe that my Renate felt the same way
 like myself. Everything that happened now ran off in a trance. than
 I with my abdomen anschmiegte me to her butt, Renate began
 slowly, gently circling her whole round, plump ass.
 Instantly my best piece was back in its entire
 Splendor. Only that I could enjoy it as my cock in her
 Sitzfleisch drilled.

 For several minutes we were so together. Outside rained incessantly the
 Rain against the windows, and we both sank into the quiet
 Clock by Renate circular butt. My hands caressed while their
 Legs and flanks. If I then even from behind their top
 lying chest and cupped with the palms of the solid
 Nipple massaged, went through a shaking and trembling her womanly
 Body. My best piece was the whole time between their
 firm buttocks. It was lovely. We merged, so to speak
 each other.

 A long time I could not stand this feeling of happiness well. my
 Pulse beat faster and faster. I now began instinctively with small
 Fickbewegungen while Renate still in the same rhythm with the
 Ass circled. She had apparently noticed that I this
 Game could no longer endure long. Suddenly she lifted her above
 lying leg. My plump device slipped now automatically update the
 Perineal area to front of her inner sanctum. The hair between
 Renate's legs tickled at my penis tip. No, if I am in
 the shower had not just been freed from my pressure would
 my juice probably now already shot in their lush bush.

 But I held out and let me lead by Renate. She reached between
 her legs and hands had suddenly wrapped around my cock. not
 fixed and not long. No, she did as an experienced woman that the
 probably too much would have been for me. She quickly led tip of my
 already suspicious twitching love rod in front of the center of their
 Pleasure center and was slowly sliding backwards. I noticed how
 He did something warm, damp and Challenging around my penis and
 ansaugte him formally. It was a wonderful feeling, the most intense,
 what I had until then. At the same moment I froze. I might
 move me no more millimeters. My hand crushed almost
 Renate's chest. She moved three or four times to the front and rear,
 then it was very narrow in their cave. Discharged at this moment
 my semen in the woman, after I had always longed for.
 Renate was now more capable and no movement, because they had
 an overwhelming orgasm. So we stayed minutes are. The Only
 their vaginal muscles still moved and pulled my last juice
 from my cock slowly recovering.

 Eventually, I had completely lost the sense of time slipping away from my
 now contracted tail from Renate still damp and
 hot hole. She turned around now, and we looked deep into the
 Eyes. Then she took my head in her hands and pulled him toward you
 and gave me a deep kiss. First, our lips meeting
 However, only delicate and playful, then we searched through getting wild with
 our tongues the mouth of the other. Renate probably hoped that now
 would like to return life in my best piece, but they
 knew not mean that I had already relieved me in the shower.
 I was still young, but I now needed a little break.

 She had now understand that, my little man now only times in
 Had to remain house, because she heard kissing on me, lay down
 comfortably to the side and stroked my chest with one hand. I went
 I also completely managed by this new, revolutionary experience in
 my life on the back. A little while we said nothing.

 "I know it's crazy what we do here, I could
 be your mother. But I have wished for so long! ";
 Renate broke through after a while the silence.

 I just looked at her and asked her for the present and the now
 easy to forget everything. My only wish was that we both
 should perhaps this unique time'll never forget. Renate
 looked at me with a look of admiration. She had probably
 not expect so much penchant for realistic thinking with me.

 She laid her head on my chest and my stomach began to
 caress. She gently stroked alternately with the inner and
 Outside of her fingers over my stomach and then increasingly bolder to
 be. First she went with her fingertips through my blonde
 Pubic hair. Eventually, however, she touched my casually member
 slowly again began to fill with blood.

 "You have the most beautiful cock I've ever seen," With this
 Words she gripped my cock and began slowly the foreskin
 to move up and down. Long since my lout was rock hard again.
 Your obscene expression made me totally. You would now have
 hours my Harten can jerk off, but it was even better.

 "He really looks good enough to eat. You know that it's the best thing for
 a woman is, the hard lout of her lover by mouth to
 spoil? "she breathed very quietly, without looking up from my
 To contact erect penis. Then she bent her head even after
 forward and clapped her mouth over my bare glans and lying
 began to gently suck on it. Unfortunately, I could not see anything because
 Renate's head was in sight, but I felt her mouth demanding
 down to the smallest corner of my body. Then I stuffed myself
 Pillow under my head and could now easily be prevented lying
 Watch Renate's head as easily up and down

 These were the hitherto best minutes of my life. There was a
 intense feeling than the previous first intercourse
 with my dream woman. I even had to groan a few times,
 began more than Renate to suck not only my love rod
 but I also simultaneously the scrotum massaged by hand.

 From stories of my friends, I knew that girls our age
 very little at the ready to satisfy her lover with her mouth, and
 this superb woman did it voluntarily. You obviously enjoyed my
 Cock suck, though he was still stuck on the juices
 our lovemaking.

 Finally, Renate even slipped down to my legs, so that
 I now had a full view of the action. There was a
 absolutely magnificent sight. Now and then she looked up to
 me, without losing sight of my best pieces from their mouth. Today,
 almost twenty years later, I can say that Renate arguably the best
 "Wind player" is that I know. Not only her mouth, her tongue brought
 me great pleasure, nay even the fingers could stimulate me,
 I except when you experienced it ever again. They took turns kneading
 my testicles, and then again to massage my dam. In The End
 put it even a fingertip into my asshole, what the juices in
 let me climb. However, she was so skilled that they always if
 it began to twitch suspicious in my element, a moment of
 desisted him, so that the spraying was delayed again and again out.
 Eventually, however, I could not take it anymore. My juices shot
 upwards. I quickly tried to escape me, because I do not
 knew how Renate would react if I told her in my cum
 would the throat spray.

 But she pushed my pelvis down and began to more firmly
 suck. No, she even wanted to free my love juice. And then there was
 it ready. I go syringe. Renate immediately swallowed everything in three,
 four episodes shot in her throat. When everything out of my dick
 was leaked out, she licked her tongue even with my now again
 decreasing friend really clean.

 Finally, she sat down on my stomach and gave me a long
 French kiss. It tasted very salty. A taste that I really

 "Renate, that was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced!" I whispered
 her ear and stroked over her slender back.

 "Thank you, my dear! The problem is that I now even totally hot
 am. I believe that it is now time to show you what men of their
 Loved everything can provide you with the tongue. Want me maybe
 get even with your mouth? "

 That had me Renate course not ask twice. I just nodded,
 and my magical bedfellow lay down quickly on the back,
 just as I was just there yet. Like a cat pre mousehole
 I positioned myself now and looked at me once relish the
 wide before me presented at cunt. Renate had legs a bit
 apart, so that the lips were pulled outward. this
 Sight I knew only from pictures, but the original was simply

 Your little bump was rock hard and looked like a small penis. the
 whole range shined. Once there was her cunt juice that now,
 only because of the expectation, even though I had not done anything yet, again
 was abundant. Also leaked cum out of her cave.
 Of course, her pubic hair was in this whole juices rather
 wet and stuck partially on her labia and longer in
 their gap. Renate was quite a behaart- by today's standards
 very large bush, although the bikini area was shaved properly. the
 Best of all though was the intoxicating smell of me from their
 Lust cave flowed counter. It smelled salty for my sperm, but
 particularly hard by her love juices. Every woman has this innate
 individual odor, perhaps decides whether a man
 just desires this woman, or whether they "smell can not".

 "Please give her a kiss on my sweet pussy! I can not even
 expect, "she pleaded softly. I was probably too long in my
 Considerations sunk.

 When my lips and my tongue touched her clit for the first time,
 I almost became giddy with happiness. This taste was
 just so good, so cool. Here it was clear we both fit as a partner
 together. Your all the juice I could absorb, which I then
 immediately began. In all the cracks I licked it clean, but it
 streamed behind more and more fluid, and I started my round
 about clitoris, large and small labia again. By the time
 I was brave and stuck my tongue in her vagina, where they
 could practically bathe in their moisture. Here, I realized that
 Renate got wilder when leakage of their heart. she moaned
 loudly and her body writhed back and forth. With a brief look after
 top I could see that Renate was totally spaced out. the eyes
 were closed and with both hands she massaged her
 magnificent pear breasts.

 When I moved my tongue for a moment from her slippery cave
 to get some air, float a large chunk of its juice from the
 Möseneingang and ran down the embankment toward their Polochs. I
 responded quickly and licked the entire area with the entire tongue
 from. Everything was quickly cleared of me even at the anus. This was
 probably too much for Renate. She bucked like a wild horse and
 trembling all over.

 "Come on, please fuck me. I want you now pushes me very hard.
 Please, please, quickly and firmly! "She screamed out that
 I was afraid the whole cottage gets it.

 I quickly sat up, and Renate turned quickly to the
 Belly, her pelvis slightly straightened up and presented me with her horny
 Beautiful ass. I led my hard again for quite some time
 Belt against her hole and pushed to. Like a madman, I rammed my sword
 in them. Perhaps only ten times, until it stops and with full force.
 It smacked into her hole, that it was a pleasure.

 And then we arrived at the same time. I inject going on while Renates
 Pulled together vaginal muscles and the last drop out of me
 squeezed out. Then there was silence. Exhausted, I broke on her
 together. For a while we caressed and cuddled tenderly us
 and very, very tired with each other, then we fell asleep happy.

 There then followed a night I will never forget. The next day
 then we went down into the valley. In the evening we sat back to fourth
 together, as if nothing had ever happened. Nothing is ever our
 Secret come to light. Today I am happily married,
 and also in Renate's marriage is still correct everything. Martin is still my
 best friend. But now I have to stop my story. I
 hope you enjoyed it. I go now to my monthly meetings
 Renate at the home of her best friend. We have done
 for 19 years and we feel this fiddle.

Sarah Shephard (ex-wife)

Relationship: Sarah Shephard (ex-wife)
Processed in: Hidden Hills, The Descent, The Hunting Party, the other side
Details: Jack married Sarah, a woman he miraculously "repaired". Sarah had been involved in an accident with a 4x4 (driven by Adam Rutherford, Shannon's father) and had a broken back.

     They then married on the beach, but on the eve of the big day, Jack had got scared and could not write his vows. Finally, it was his father who reassured him. However, with time, his relationship with Sarah deteriorated, even to embrace the daughter of one of his patients. But that does not count much for Sarah who had any way intended to leave him for another man. Both divorced. Jack was obsessed with the identity of Sarah's lover, even at a time believing that it was his father.


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HONEYMOON: Something happens during the honeymoon of John and Viky. Forbidden stories, Straight
VIKY AND SEX: Viky Juan tells her intimate sex secrets. Forbidden stories, Straight
MY FRIEND'S MOTHER: Our friend John discover the sex of the hand or body better Sarita, the mother of his friend. Forbidden stories, Straight.
VIKY MY WIFE: Telling the wedding night John and Viky, all a steamy honeymoon. Forbidden stories, Straight
THE MOTHER OF MY NIECE (Uncle Charles): Uncle Charles meets the mother of her niece ardent living while sharing experiences sister and niece or whatever it is, mother and daughter. Forbidden stories, Straight
MY ENCOUNTERS WITH ALEJANDRO (Daniel): This relationship began more than 5 years now and I can swear that, plus my tasty encounters with my brother, were the most wonderful sexual encounters happens to a man. Gay
LUCIA AND THE TRAINER: (Lucia SB) Hi, I'm Lucy, some of you know me, I decided to write another story I hope you like it. I do it because you were quite a few who have asked me, others, however, have been limited to asking me those photos. I had mentioned that I have some friends that it somehow have the right to touch. They are people who enjoy not only my confidence but also my privacy. One of them is the one who makes my trainer at the gym that I go almost daily. Forbidden stories, Straight
THE FRIEND OF MY NIECE (Uncle Charles): Here is the third part of the saga of My Niece, where Uncle Carlos Vicky has her friend Lorraine. Forbidden stories, Straight
MI-LAW: (Fernando): This story happened over a year ago, to be exact in May 2008, when the heats are stronger around here. I'm from Mexico, Hidalgo state, I have been married 26 years and have been an active and enjoyable sex life with my wife, but I feel that in this life, one is exposed to any temptation to resist one more. I have had several adventures in marriage my wife obviously does not know. With colleagues from work or women I have ever met. This time it was with one of my sisters both being the same age. heterosexual
Marta (Marta): take the opportunity afforded me to tell me something that has been happening for some time, since I started to be aware of my own sexuality. My first sex was with my cousin. bisexual
STORY OF A WOMAN (Caribbean Princess): Greetings, first of all, I'll tell you a short story that has just begun. I have a husband and three years ago we've been together but a boy nine years younger than me. heterosexual
REPEAT (ED): The transmit my previous experience, the truth is that I heated a lot and was willing to re-edit. I headed to a local who is known for welcoming all gay city of La Paz and which had received many referrals but had never encouraged me to go. This is a very discreet and friendly club where I saw that all act uninhibited. Gay
LUCIA, A LADY OF GOOD VIEW (Lucia SB): Hi, I could not introduce myself as well that I decided to do it the easiest way. I am a follower and collaborator veteran of the page Bedri. I discovered years ago and I have collaborated sending recipes, pictures and Bedri own suggestion I have decided to write a story that can be published among the "forbidden". I really do not know if you can get both because they have neither. Bedri said I could say as I am or as I like to be. He also told me I could tell something had happened and I'd like to pass. The truth is not quite sure how I began to write, and I chose to do a little waiting around all you like. Forbidden stories, Straight
TRUE LOVE (Melvin Ud): Melvin tells a powerful story of love born on the Internet. at first it was a simple ratio of email exchanges but gradually that relationship was consolidated to arise between complicity and collusion that led to that at a given moment emerge feelings and the possibility of an encounter. This story narrates the meeting between Melvin precisely and that woman. heterosexual
DILEMMA (Zaira M.): I want to tell you something that happened to me two weeks ago. I was with my boyfriend at the birthday party of a friend of his and that night I met that friend's girlfriend of my boyfriend. bisexual
Hook Up

ON THE BEACH (E. Smith): E. Martinez escapes to a beach and there is someone you know who. Straight prohibited Stories
A LONG HISTORY - PART FIVE (David and others): Continuing the story of the intense encounter between Merchitas and her lover which tells how that day ended and as our friend lived a hitherto unpublished new experience for her. Forbidden stories, Straight
Sodomizing MY NIECE (Uncle Charles): Vicky learned to be alone, either in my office, in the car or at the motel, the first thing to do is stroke my cock, kneeling, remove and mamármela unless I ordered something else. Everything complies perfectly with tremendous warmth, in fact I think it is always hot and ready for sex. But I had an obsession: YOUR ASS. Forbidden stories, Straight
MY ADVENTURES WITH GUILLE: (Daniel) Daniel tell us their sexual adventures with a stranger named Guille to contacting a market. Gay
REPORT OF SOFIA (Sofia) Hi, my name is Sofia, I'm Argentina, it is the first time I write one of my experiences. I started reading these stories, animated by that time it was a sort of companion, others might say that I was your lover ... but whatever. Over time we were performing many fantasies, especially those that gave us more morbid. heterosexual
A LONG HISTORY - PART FOUR (David and others): Continuation of the previous chapter continues the story of an encounter that made sparks. Merchitas, champagne and cream are explosive when mixed ingredients. Forbidden stories, Straight
MY NIECE MARY VICTORIA (Uncle Charles) My name is Carlos, I have between 53 and several nieces and nephews, I have a niece of 18 almost 19 years called Maria Victoria, but we all know as Vicky.- Vicky has measure 1 65 meters, dark complexion, brown hair, beautiful smile, good neck, generous and erect tits, nice ass, nice legs in a context of a girl who plays sports for years. Forbidden stories, Straight
SHE (E. Smith): The description of a woman who seems to be made by her lover. Forbidden stories, Straight
A LONG HISTORY - PART THREE (David and others): In this part we know some of the things that happened to Merchitas in a torrid encounter. Forbidden stories, Straight
MY ENCOUNTER WITH THE DOCTOR: (Daniel) I tell my meeting with the doctor 60 years. Gay
MY NIECE MARY VICTORIA (Uncle Charles) My name is Carlos, I have between 53 and several nieces and nephews, I have a niece of 18 almost 19 years called Maria Victoria, but we all know as Vicky.- Vicky has measure 1 65 meters, dark complexion, brown hair, beautiful smile, good neck, generous and erect tits, nice ass, nice legs in a context of a girl who plays sports for years. Forbidden stories, Straight
AGAIN I WANT (ED): I want to tell my story until now was known only to me, sailing in the depths of my being. The truth is I was very afraid to make it known, but I decided to take that big step out of the closet or the closet as they say. Gay
A LONG HISTORY - TWO (David and others): In this second part David begins to engage in a long story. Forbidden stories, Straight.
MY IDEAL MAN: (ED) I tell you after much searching I managed to find the right man. It is a tender and ardent lover man who treats me like a sweet kitty and I try to reciprocate in the best way, giving you all my love and of course, my whole body for your enjoyment. Gay
THE STORY OF ANUS. (Anus) A friend from here sent us a story about his sex life. Straight>
A LONG HISTORY (David and others): This comes next is a long story that emerged from the collaboration of several people who told David what they believe happened. Some of the events described did not happen as they are counted in the same way the characters have been distorted to prevent it can recognize any of the protagonists. It is true that certain liberties have taken but did not invalidate the conviction on the merits and not to reveal the identities of the narrators. The veracity of most of the events we can attest reliably available since David have put both photos and videos and testimonials from different people, some of which are reflected in this narrative. In this first part we have the facts giving rise to the knowledge of history and its subsequent development. Forbidden stories, Straight.
WORKING PARTNER (E. Smith): Our friend E. Martinez tells what happened one night, after a dinner with a colleague in which he had never noticed. Heterosexual.
HISTORY OF A WAITRESS (Tina): A steamy story developed on campus .. can you recognize someone ?. Heterosexual.
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A DAY OF JULY (Anonymous): An unknown recounts an encounter with a woman he met on the Internet. It is a fact whose narrative has made some changes to ensure that they can identify the players or recognized some sites. Heterosexual.

Sex With A New Partner

Sex with a new partner: 7 These things do women previously

Phew, that's tough to be a woman. Again, there's a new poll: what women do so before they go to bed with a man. Sex with a new partner is an extremely stressful affair for many: there are 7 things that women do in advance ...
Ines Schipperges
Sex with a new partnerSure, most women do not have any to bed. Therefore, there is a rather time-consuming procedure, the men have to go through before they can land right there, as a recent survey showed . Flowers, calls, candle-lit dinner - the whole program, and in a certain number, the sophisticated women expect. But it's not like they would lie not even have the goods. Before the first date,so another study , they invest on average stately 119 Euro: The must then also pay somehow.
The best Kama Sutra positions for women:
  • The best Kama Sutra positions for women
Now there is the lingerie label Blue Bella a new poll with a thousand participants from the UK, which found that women do so with themselves and their bodies before they have sex with a new partner for the first time. A total of six hours, so it is, women need to get ready for a date close. What they do in this time? Watch out - these 7 things:
Sex with a new partner


Where he sees well first? Of course, in the face. So must shine, shine, shine until he is blinded with beauty, one third of all women.


To spray tan? 32 percent are fan of them. Well, it is a survey of London - and because it rains a lot known.Perhaps the British women have the necessary ...


Three quarters of the women surveyed goes to the hairdresser and allows the hair into shape . One can only hope that it'll be exceptional but not raining on the day of the big dates: For a new edition of "Gone With the Wind" have it after this procedure certainly no humor left.
Sex with a new partner


Any reason for shopping is just right: 31 percent buy a new dress for the important evening. He gets that, if all goes according to plan, anyway not too long to face.


What he gets all the more to see more? What is underneath. Two thirds obtain about new underwear - and every third of the women surveyed would never wear for her new lingerie the same, where already the elapsed lover could enjoy. Every Fifth is more rigorous: The old linens for a new guy is out of the question.
Sex with a new partner


The bread basket is empty the night before the night of the dreams will come true, at least for 74 percent of all women. Your worst nightmare: a not completely flat stomach, which could spoil the night of nights. Well - a growling stomach is but to be honest not so terribly romantic.


That the mixture of will-less wine-bliss and passionate Liebesgetummel not work too well, is known. The particularly strong resolute women, 19 percent of respondents, build before it and watch the alcohol consumption of their loved ones suspiciously - to slow down, if it is too much.

Tourism: sex on vacation

Tourism: sex on vacation

Many fresh loving couples dreaming of a romantic city break. But what sounds sexy, often turns out to be true love slayer. Therefore, our columnist advises: Pick sleepy nests - because there is best fuck.
Sophie Andresky



Sweet, I will go with you on vacation, let us first thing tomorrow morning out of here, "huffed me one of my first real lover's ear, after we finally pushed together.He seemed to know exactly where to go, not only in bed. But he was also at least as early as mid 20. I, even 18 and at least grow on paper, secretly wished me immediately: Oohhh, my lord, please, please, please hijacked me to Paris! At first you have no idea.
Many destinations that sound incredibly romantic at first,the desire and the passion slain literally. my tip is why: First, take not common to where things hot around you - but choose in doubt the quieter version. In my experience you can never go wrong with an island. At least, as long as you do not reside at the Ballermann.Eyes and ears must in the first phase of infatuation fully belong to the other.
In the second step, for example, offers to Amsterdam: unbelievably beautiful, but also completely unobtrusive.Only then also Paris, London or Barcelona are okay. For everything screams, you should already know a little bit better. And my favorite city New York is wholly inappropriate for the entire first year. Sorry, that of all I have to say this, but this city is really far too fascinating to them simply to vervögeln. Oh, my prince 18: He hit a sleepy old seaside resort on the Baltic Sea - the right place! Because we were almost in bed and heard in the coital breaks to the gentle ocean waves. Nevertheless, I was still disappointed maulig up to our arrival, I stupid chicken. But travel is yes.